Launch: 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm


Shah Alam, 14th April, 2016 – 3M has officially introduced its new 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm in Malaysia. The brand’s latest AutoFilm product is said to offer superior heat rejection as well as enhanced safety and security features.

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“In light of the daunting statistics of car break-in cases in Malaysia, safety features of window films are becoming increasingly important. In response to this need, we are proud to provide Malaysians with a solution that provides not just excellent solar heat rejection, but also an effective deterrent against smash-and-grab perpetrators,” said Ge Quee Ann, GM of Electronics and Energy Business at 3M Malaysia.

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3M’s latest Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm builds upon the original 3M Crystalline AutoFilm. The new product is just 0.1 mm thick (industry term being 4 mil) and features the brand’s proprietary Multi-layer Optical Film (MOF) technology  – combining over 200 layers in a single film. This meager 1mm layer offers up to 25,000psi in tensile strength, 97% Infrared Radiation Rejection (IRR) and up to 60% Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER). The Scotchshield Crystalline security flim also includes 99.9% Ultraviolet Rejection (UVR) protection and a Solar Projection Factor (SPF) level of over 1,000. Then SPF rating is said to reduce cracking and fading of a car’s trim, upholstery and carpet, while protecting passengers from harmful UV rays.

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The film is non-dyed, which helps your vehicles maintain its original appearance (and slipping by JPJ). It is also non-metallised, meaning that it doesn’t interrupt mobile device connectivity. Where Smart Tag devices are concerned, 3M explains that the Crystalline AutoFilm on the front windshield does block infrared signals used by the devices. However, installers do provide a neat workaround to this. No specific method was revealed, but we expect that this includes removing a small portion of the auto film to allow Smart Tag signals to pass through.

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Limited to the first 100 customers, 3M Malaysia is offering its new 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm at special introductory prices, listed below, with regular prices in brackets. Please note that to be eligible for the offer, customers will have to visit the brand’s local website and fill in an online form in advance.

  • RM2,880 for standard sedan vehicles (RM3,840)
  • RM2,995 for large sedans (RM3,940)
  • RM3,168 for mini MPVs and SUVs (RM4,224)
  • RM3,456 for large MPVs (RM4,608)
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The 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm is now available at all authorised 3M AutoFilm car centres. Its prices include a five-year e-Warranty that covers the replacement of the film due to any bubbling, peeling or blistering – glass breakage is not included. Customers that tint their vehicles with selected series of 3M AutoFilm before May 31st, 2016 are also entitled to take part in the company’s Tint & Win with 3M AutoFilm contest. Lucky winners will receive an iPhone 6s or a 3M AP DWS 1000 Water Filter. More information on this is available at 3M Malaysia’s website.


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