Tesla Model S is getting its own racing series


Following the introduction of the Formula E series bringing all-electric Formula 1-type racing to the masses, another series is set to debut. The Electric GT World Series will be the first zero-emissions GT racing championship in the world. And the Tesla Model S P85+ will spearhead the road car-based series.

A decade back, who would have fathomed we’d be racing in electric-powered vehicles. As unexciting as a Prius sounds, like it or not, electric cars or at least zero-emission cars are the future. Formula E showed that electric cars can get your hearts racing, too.

Formula E isn’t short of the best racers either. Many are ex-F1 drivers including Nelson Piquet Jr. (2014-2015 season champion), Jarno Trulli, Lucas Di Grassi, and Nick Heidfield.

Formua E Beijing

Photo: Sam Bloxham/LAT/ Formula E

World’s first zero emissions race series

Back to the Electric GT World Series. It hopes to become the first 100% zero emissions GT championship, with a targeted 10 teams for the kick-off 2017 season.

The seven-race season will see cars buzzing through Europe, America and Asia.

As mentioned, the series has earmarked the Tesla Model S P85+ as the base car. Unmodified, the car weighs two tonnes, with the 85kWh battery pack already tipping the scales at 540kg. The 416bhp/601Nm lump powers the luxury sedan from 0-100km/h in a cool 3.2 seconds.

The racing version, naturally, will have uprated suspension and brakes, improved cooling and lighter kerb weight. The engine will remain unmodified.

Tesla Model S S85

Made for racing

As a luxury tourer, you’d never expect it to be suitable for racing. Having said that, it has great weight distribution, low centre of gravity and corners at unbelievable speeds. Crazy acceleration thanks to its unending torque, makes it a great racing car.

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The race series will see 10 team and 20 identical cars on the grid.

“The model S is destined to become a GT champion. The fun of the Electric GT category is that we are going to watch commercially available models you can see on the streets racing on circuits around the world. That is the idea, it is our mission to promote sustainable mobility,” said Agustin Paya, Technical Director for Electric GT Holdings, owner and promoter of the championship.

While the Model S was chosen to kick-off the series, other makes will be welcome in the future.

Tesla Model S S85

I had a closer look at the Tesla Model S S85 back in December last year, thanks to GreenTech Malaysia – the road-going RWD/AWD version with a 382bhp/441Nm engine. If the electronic wizardry of the car doesn’t impress you, I bet the eyeball-popping instant acceleration will.

Looking forward to catching the Electric GT World Series next year.






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