2016 Ford Focus Media Drive: Adelaide



2015 Ford Focus Drive (37)

Interior view of our car. The central storage is adjustable, and Ford claims it’s able to fit a 1-litre water bottle and 400ml cup simultaneously.

The new Focus’ interior has also been tweaked, with a slightly simpler layout than the outgoing model. Ford mentioned that they have taken feedback from owners when redesigning the interior, and it shows. On the whole, the layout is more intuitive, with less buttons to confuse new owners, and the available icons are easy to discern. Despite the changes, the front fascia remains unmistakably Ford.

2015 Ford Focus Drive (39)

Meter cluster is simplistic, informative, and easy to read. No complaints here.

The most prominent feature of the centre console is its eight-inch touchscreen, which performs a myriad of functions generally expected of a modern car. It displays the navigation, rear camera, climate control, audio, SYNC2 connectivity and feedback, and custom functions.

New Focus Int_04 r

8-inch multi-function screen is a hoot to use, and the new navigation system has a split screen format: 1 for a top-down view, and another with a 3D-ish view. This was the reason why we didn’t get lost. Buy it.

Its front seats are ergonomically sculpted, as are the steering wheel and stalks. I took very little time to get used to operating the vehicle, as most of the necessary controls are within reach of my fingers.

2015 Ford Focus Drive (29)

The interior is pretty solid. Seats are supportive, without being too hard on the buttocks. Indicator and windscreen stalks are placed within reach of the tiniest of fingers. Thingy wingy on top of the windscreen houses the goodness of Adaptive Cruise Control and Active City Stop, among others.

In terms of comfort, additional sound dampening improvements have been made to ensure the car rides quieter. In Ford’s presentation to us, the car has been generously dressed with sound insulation tweaks: thicker windshield glass, side-window glass, carpets, as well as increased insulation in the engine, door trims, boot liftgate margin, and front wheel arch liner.

IMG_4305 copy

In addition to a thicker windscreen and front windows, many subtle changes to the new Focus lends to a more silent ride

Also, I would say that it feels better sitting in the incoming Focus than the Mk VII Golf TSI, which is already pretty good. Rear legroom is adequate, as befitting a hatchback, but don’t expect much comfort from the rear seats of a hatch (which can accommodate up to three passengers).

New Focus Int_15 r

Unless you are a midget, or a toddler, I would not encourage travelling long distance in the rear seats.

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