2016 Ford Focus Media Drive: Adelaide



2015 Ford Focus Drive (38)

There were two variants available for the media during the drive: Titanium and S. Shown here is the Titanium. If you like what you see, thank Todd Willing (Design Director, Ford Asia Pacific)

Styling of the new Focus has obviously changed, with the incoming car continuing the design direction started by the Mondeo and Fiesta. Weirdly enough, if one visits the Ford Malaysia website, the Focus ST is displayed on tab. That is basically how the incoming Focus will look like, only without the go-fast bits and ST emblem on the lower grille.

2015 Ford Focus Drive (43)

The front façade has a love-it or hate-it look, reminiscent of the Mitsubishi Lancer, even though the trapezoidal grille is taken from Aston Martin. What do you think? Go? No go?

Compared to the outgoing Focus, the new one has a bolder, perhaps less streamlined, look. The front façade is blatantly Aston Martin (as Ford wholly owned the luxury marque up until 2007, currently has 8% stake), with some minor changes to the headlamps (slimmer), fog lamps (longer, more elongated) and bonnet design (curved accent in the middle towards Ford logo).

2015 Ford Focus Drive (42)

Rear lamps are reduced in size, which looked a bit disproportionate when viewed directly from the back

The rear lamps are also slimmer, resulting in a different rear quarter panel design.

2015 Ford Focus Drive (44)

The rear spoiler for the Titanium and the S is the same, while the Trend variant has a smoother, more solid design

The rear spoiler is also changed to fit the overall design direction of the new Focus.

2015 Ford Focus Drive (7)

At first glimpse, the left and right edges of the registration plate area looks like the car had an accident, no?

A caveat of the newer design is the rear number plate area, which looks disjointed from the rest of the car. Overall, the new Focus shares the same dimensions as the outgoing model.

2015 Ford Focus Drive (36)

Rear quarter view of the Titanium variant. Bulges on wheel arches do accentuate its sporty looks. Car number 8 here was the one fellow media personnel Subhash and I drove for the day.

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