Top 5 Awesome-st Yellow Cars For This Weekend


In conjunction with an international event this weekend, we came up with 5 yellow colour cars that you could have for the weekend.

5. Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE

Perodua Myvi SE Back Side

Introduced in 2005 and sitting firm as the best selling car in the country,  Malaysians undoubtedly love this car almost as much as we love our nasi lemak ayam breakfasts. The Myvi SE is powered by the higher displacement 3SZ-VE 1.5-litre engine producing 102hp. Don’t be fooled by the go-fast bodykit of the SE, the Myvi 1.5s are way faster than the 1.3-litre engined predecessor. As you can see in the video below, a Subaru driver is amazed by the first generation Myvi at speeds in excess of the national limit.

(P.S. TCG does not condone higher than national speed limit driving).

Note: Translation from Cantonese speaking Subaru driver : I should have ditched my Impreza for a Myvi.

4. Honda Civic Type R EK9

yellow honda ek9

The Honda Civic EK9 Type R shares many characteristics with its brother – the Integra DC2. The venerable B16B, 1.6-litre outputting 182hp, which held the highest hp/litre output for a Naturally Aspired engine for the longest time. Available in 4 colour choices – Championship White, Sunlight Yellow, Vogue Silver and Flamenco Black, of course the Sunlight Yellow gets our approval for this weekend.

3. Chevrolet Camaro aka Bumblebee


Officially, Chevrolet made the Camaro in 2010 but in 2007, the prototype made it to the big screen as Bumblebee in the Transformers motion pitcure. The above is the latest, 6th generation Camaro in SS form which means that it has a 6.2-litre V8 motor in the front. No wonder Megan Fox gets under the hood of one.

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2. Ford VelociRaptor 600 Hennessy 


If you’re a fan of Top Gear (in its heydays) like us, you would have noticed that Jeremy Clarkson waxed lyricals about the VelociRaptor. This 600hp V8 supercharged ute will basically get you anywhere, even if the road is barricaded. This is a must have this weekend.

1. Ferrari 360 Modena


We think that nobody does yellow better than Ferrari. Or red for that matter. If we were to have one yellow Ferrari, it would be the 360 Modena. This car is unmistakably Ferrari, with its curves on the aluminium body, mid mounted 3.6-litre 90 deg V8 producing 400hp at a dizzying 8,500 rpm, aluminium chassis and proper 6 speed manual with the good ol’ gated shifter.

There you go, the 5 cars that we would have for the weekend. We want to wish all our readers – a happy, clean Merdeka weekend!

About Jack Lee

Jack Lee is an unqualified petrol head (some say, to be one, you have to own an Alfa Romeo) who is disappointed with cars which are getting more and more electronics and the lack of interest in cars shown by today's youths in general. He owns an almost 20 year car from Germany, which has almost 50:50 weight distribution, 3 pedals (manual, FTW!) and believes that everyone should spin at the last corner of Sepang circuit at least once in their life. He also holds the distinction in TCG as the person with the lightest right foot, of course, when compared with his colleagues' mutated cast iron right foot.

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