Lexus Realise Childhood Dreams With Actual, Working Hoverboard


In June this year, Lexus teased a working hoverboard in a brief video. Reactions were predictable: with most brushing it off as marketing fluff, a simply impossible feat. Less than two months later, Lexus has come out with proper proof that its hoverboard prototype, called Slide, actually does exist, and works better than we could imagine(by 2015 standards at least). To pull off this seemingly impossible task, the hoverboard contains a bevy of magnets and superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen. The board is real, and it exists exclusively for the purpose of elevating the Lexus brand image. And what a job it has done.


While the levitation effect of supercooled superconductors has been known for some time now, deploying it on such a scale requires some serious effort. The first of which would require a huge amount of magnets to be built into the ground. The Japanese company built a custom skate park in Barcelona, Spain, upon which its prototype hoverboard can be used.


In fact, this hoverboard only works in that specific skate park, built at an undisclosed but surely huge expense. Unfortunately, the prototype does seem to have its limitations, with pro skateboarder Ross McGouran struggling to keep it floated at all times(notice the scratches and tendency to clip the ground once in a while). Oh and all this still happens despite religiously refilling the liquid nitrogen every 10 minutes or so.


Regardless, this truly is an amazing achievement, and we can hardly wait until hoverboards become available to the masses. A good time to get into the magnet business, ey?

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