Alfa Romeo Crossover Due In 2016


Shortly after announcing the Giulia, Alfa Romeo has set its sights on the crossover market, with codenamed Project 949 set for a 2016 unveiling. Alfa’s crossover shares its underpinnings with the Giulia and is sized to take on premium entries in the segment, like the BMW X3. The model is the Italian brand’s first production CUV(Crossover Utility Vehicle). The plan for a crossover has been percolating for more than a decade now, as evidenced by the 12-year-old Kamal concept pictured in this article.


The Giulia and Project 949 are two of the eight new models Alfa aim to launch by 2018. In the five-year plan, Alfa execs also discussed two compacts, another crossover, a second midsize sedan, a full-size sedan, and a specialty product. While not all of these might be available globally, the brand has set a goal to see a dramatic global sales jump to 400,000 units. “We are taking a very hard look at the sequencing of the products that we are launching to make sure that we get the biggest bang for the buck from the utilisation of the architecture in terms of volumes,” FCA boss Sergio Marchionne said.


While we are not interested in how many units Alfa Romeo manage to push, we do hope whatever happens, the Italian manufacturer will keep producing cars for the foreseeable future. Maybe, just maybe, the Alfa drought is over.

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