Honda Malaysia Extends Precautionary Update to Additional 46,710 Vehicles


Following our airbag recall report recently, Honda Malaysia today announced extended precautionary update to additional 46,710 Honda cars.

The 46,710 Honda cars comprised of 26,186 units of the following vehicles, which front passenger airbag inflator is affected.

  • City (2008-2009),
  • Civic (2007-2009),
  • CR-V (2007-2008),
  • Jazz (2007 & 2009)

And 20,524 units of Accord (2003 – 2007) which are affected by the driver front airbag inflator.

This precautionary effort is to replace the driver and passenger airbag inflators with newly produced inflators for all affected models.

Honda Malaysia will be informing all affected customers via notification letters which will include details of the product update. Customers who receive these letters are advised to send their vehicles to the nearest authorized Honda dealer for inspection as soon as possible. The replacement works will be carried out once the parts are ready, and the costs of parts and labour will be borne by Honda Malaysia.

Alternatively, owners can also check their vehicle’s product update status by calling Honda’s Toll Free number 1-800-88-2020 or visit any authorized Honda dealer, or log on to

Honda Malaysia is taking this proactive measure to ensure customer safety and deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to all customers. As of today, there were no crashes or injuries related to this issue reported in Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia would like to assure its customers that all current selling models are not affected.


Editor’s note:

My family has a 2007 Honda CRV which is affected by this recall. To be frank, rather than waiting for Honda Malaysia to send you the notification letter for inspection, call up the toll free number for validation. Then, Honda Malaysia will send you the letter. I had a “pleasant” surprise today when I went to an authorized dealer without any letter and was turned away. I would have thought that Honda Malaysia had given a list of affected cars’ VIN number to the authorized dealer so they can immediately act on the defective part. I was wrong.

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I hope that Honda Malaysia will send me the letter soonest possible and pray that there is no untoward incident requiring the airbag during this period.

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