Subaru BRZ STI Performance Concept



Subaru has unveiled its much-awaited, but not very much expected BRZ STI Performance Concept car today at the New York Auto Show. The BRZ STI represents Subaru’s opinion that the BRZ has so much potential to be a top notch sports car. While receiving rave reviews, most held the belief that the lack of outright grunt prevented the BRZ (and Toyota GT86, which is basically the same thing) from propelling itself into the upper echelons of sports car superstardom.


In the BRZ STI Performance Concept, we see a focus on outright speed, indicating a fine balancing act to pinpoint the perfect harmony required for the BRZ to be both fun to drive, as well as being a proper track-muncher. Rather appropriately, this concept features a racing powerplant. Under the hood, you will find the same turbocharged, 2.0-liter boxer-four that powers the BRZ GT300 from Japan’s Super GT series, estimated to push out 300hp and 450Nm of torque.


Subaru did not stop at the engine upgrades, with the BRZ STI being fit with a thicker driveshaft, a reworked suspension with handling upgrades, new Brembo brake discs, and a giant rear spoiler we are sure you did not miss. Now before we get a little ahead of ourselves, we have to note that this does not mean Subaru is going to put this car into production. The BRZ STI Performance Concept acts as a showcase for design and engineering prowess, as well as the tuning capability of the firm.


Regardless, there is plenty to get excited about, especially if we keep talking up the car. Maybe the folks at Fuji Heavy Industries may hear us out and decide to actually put this on the manufacturing line.

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