Review: Dunlop Formula D-05


Dunlop launched two tyres last month –  the SP Sport J5 and Formula D05. Engineered in Germany, manufactured in Malaysia, these tyres are designed with handling the Malaysian wet weather in mind.

Dunlop Formula D05_1

Treadwear 340, Traction A, Temperature A

We will be running long term review on both the tyres. For this post, we are looking at the Formula D05. Key features of the Formula D05:

  • “rain tyre” with superior wet performance.
  • Sun & Rain indicator – effectively telling you when to change your tyres when it hits 1.6 mm of tread depth left.
  • Wiper block design or individualized blocks, so to have an enlarged road contact area.
  •  Edge-Effect – deep groove to channel water out between the tyre and the road.
  • Silica Compound which provides wide range of operating temperature.
Dunlop Formula D05_2

Check out the Sun and Rain indicator and the overall design of the tread.

How are we running the tests? The car’s mileage is 280,040 km when it is being fitted. At every 10,000 km, the tyres will be balanced, rotated and aligned, to ensure that tyre gets even wear throughout its life time. Since we do not have any wet test tracks at our disposal, we would have to depend on God’s creation of one.

Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Compared to the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tread.

The current set of tyres (which I had changed only last year) is Michelin Pilot Sport 3, which I think is one of the best all round tyres, offering exceptional wet and dry grip. The Dunlops will have a tall order to unseat the Michelins in my book.

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The tyre shop which I fitted the tyres at do not have any information on the price yet as Continental has not started to load them with stocks. As we all know, we can get lower price off the sticker RRP.


Follow this column for more time to time update on the Formula D05.

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