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Petaling Jaya, 15th April, 2015 – The Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 with Dark Custom™ styling is launched today at Naza Prestige Bikes’ flagship centre in Petaling Jaya.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (4)

From left: Afiq Iskandar (Founder, Tarik Jeans), Azmi Daud Sharman (Head, Naza Prestige Bikes), Juan Chow Wee (Associate VP, Two Wheel Division, Naza World Group of Companies), Elizabeth Tan (Singer, Youtube Personality), David Hector Ratnaike (Sr. VP II of Four Wheel Division, Naza World Group of Companies), Suhardi Perwira Negara (Committee Member, Harley Owners Group).

The 750 is powered by an all-new 749cc liquid-cooled v-twin engine (85mm bore, 66mm stroke) termed the Revolution X. What makes this engine a bit different (and hence, noteworthy) is the angle between each piston. Traditionally, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have used the 45-degree design, which has no problems whatsoever with their Caucasian target market. This time, however, Harley-Davidson also aims to sell the 750 in the Asian market, which normally aren’t as lanky as their cousins across the pond. That, coupled with the fact that Harley-Davidson aims to sell the 750 (and the ensuing 500) to new riders as well, would mean that some sacrifices had to be made to fulfil both these objectives. The change brought about by the Revolution X has prompted H-D to design an all-new platform for the 750, the first in about 14 years.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (7)

The Street™ 750’s front façade is unmistakeably Harley-Davidson. That, and coupled with the fact that the Revolution X engine also gives out its signature roar (albeit with less grunt), means that H-D is prepared to give its most to its owners.

This Revolution X technology has made it possible for any Harley-Davidson motorcycle fitted with the engine to fit a lower seat, as well as benefitting from a lower centre of gravity (hence, increasing riding comfort and stability at low speeds). The current slew of Revolution X engines in the 750 is made in India, further suggesting that H-D is looking at the larger picture now. Harley-Davidson claims that the 750 gives out a total of 54.25hp (55ps @ 7,500rpm) and 65Nm @ 4,000rpm.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (11)

Two iterations of the standard Street™ 750s

Like Mercedes-Benz, we would expect Harley-Davidson to be particularly concerned about the waning interest in their brand, especially with the shift in growth demographics. Quality comes at a price, and price is something most young adults are keenly aware of.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (12)

Lateral view of the Street™ 750

As the 750 is made for the urban environment, it is meant to be agile, with a newly-designed suspension, wide handlebar sweep and a better turning radius. Liquid cooling also means that the bike is able to handle the heat, especially here in Malaysia. The entire bike is claimed to weigh 206kg dry and 222kg wet.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (14)

As one would expect of Harley-Davidson, even their emblems are quality-crafted

The Street 750 is also made to be highly customisable, befitting its Dark Custom™ moniker. Dark Custom™ is what Harley-Davidson calls its mod-friendly bike variants. Its relatively-unaccessorised standard bike means that one can modify and accessorise the 750 to one’s own liking. A good way to pursue individualism, IMHO.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (13)

Being an urbanite, the Street™ 750 would not need to go to excess speeds, rather to make narrow street-manoeuvring and parking as painless as possible

The Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 is priced at RM 62,888 (including GST) with 2 years factory warranty and 3 years extended warranty or 80,000km (whichever comes first). It is available in three colours: Vivid Black, Black Denim and Fire Red.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 (16)

The tail-end of the bike is sleek, the perfect complement to the Harley-Davidson cruiser look

For more photographs of the launch, please head to our Flickr page.

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