Honda Civic Concept


Honda stunned the world last week with an unexpected Civic Concept featuring the aggressive styling first seen with the Civic Type R. Naturally, most people regarded it as one of the many concepts unveiled by manufacturers to showcase their design prowess, with production models featuring drastically toned down styling. But Honda then went on to boldly claim that the New York concept is very much in the pipeline, with multiple Civic models (at least in the US) featuring extremely similar design cues.


The prelude to the 10th generation Civic features styling in line with existing(newer) models, with noticeable similarities to the Jazz. Bold lines and air intakes play a major role in this, with the wrap-around tail light highlighting the Japanese feel of things. Which is good, always good. To sweeten the deal, Honda has also confirmed that the lowest spec Civic will feature a 1.5-litre turbocharged VTEC, with higher spec models utilising larger capacity turbo VTEC’s.


Honda are also keen on introducing multiple versions of the Civic, with the usual sedan accompanied by a coupe, five-door hatch, Si, and the Type R. All models will be available with a short-shifting six-speed manual or reworked CVT box. Now please, Honda; bring these in to Malaysia too.

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