Top 3 Competitors To The All New Ford Everest


Before we talk about Ford Everest’s competitors, let’s have a look at what a body-on-frame chassis is. As the name suggests, this is the original form of car construction. You have a ladder chassis and you marry the body to the chassis, and voila… a car. Over time, engineers developed another technique of construction, called unibody or monocoque, where both body and frame are formed into a single unit. Pros, they are lighter but body on frame has better resistance to twisting force. Which explains why most of these cars are heavy duty and used for off-road purposes.


Now that we have got that cleared, we can take look at the Ford Everest’s worthy competitors.


The crème de la crème has got to be the Land Rover Discovery. The Disco 3 (now Disco 4) was one of first cars which mated the monocoque portion (where the engine and passenger sit) to the ladder frame (where the gearbox and suspension sit). The advantage — you get the comfort level of a normal car and also capability to go off-road, but the downside is the high cost of construction, and the complexity makes it a heavy vehicle. It is primed with off-road technology (Terrain Response), upmarket interior feel and the capability to seat seven as well.

The big downside is probably the price, which could go up to four times as much as the next contender.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport


Launched in the year 2009, the Mitsubishi posed a serious challenge to the Toyota Fortuner (more on that next). An updated design, with a new engine and gearbox partnership, as well as a clever suspension design that gives a more comfortable ride, immediately help it gain market share at the expense of Toyota’s. This seven-seater is priced right along large sedans, offering consumers choice, other than the usual.

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Toyota Fortuner


Launched in the year 2005, the Fortuner sits on Toyota‘s IMV (International Innovative Multi-Purpose Vehicle) platform, which is shared with the Innova and Hilux. Interestingly, the original Fortuner is largely designed in Thailand by Thai and Japanese engineers, with facelifted versions appearing in 2008, designed in Australia by Toyota Australia, which is also responsible for the replacement model. Much like the Pajero Sport, it is available only in selected countries. Only the 2.5L common-rail diesel (2.5G) and the 2.7L petrol (2.7V) engines are available in Malaysia.

Isuzu Mu-X / Chevrolet Trailblazer / Holden Colorado 7


Isuzu Malaysia had been slow to bring in the seven-seater, body on frame SUV, but nevertheless, it was mentioned that the Mu-X will be coming to Malaysia sometime this year. There will only be one variant however, and Isuzu Malaysia has been tight lipped over its specifications. The Mu-X is sold in Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. Being under GM, it also spawns into Chevrolet Trailblazer and Holden Colorado 7.

holden trailblazer

If Ford Malaysia is going to bring in the new Everest, we believe the American company will have quite a walk in the park. Have a look at our gallery, and you will know how we came to this conclusion.



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