2015 Audi A4 Set For Frankfurt Debut


Audi has a whole new A4 ready for its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with Audi confident of providing more driving pleasure and dynamism, two areas that have probably been lacking in previous versions.audi_a4_red_new

To improve these dynamics, Audi has reworked the steering system, opting for more direct input (as much as an electric steering can offer, at least), providing more immediacy and sense of control. Weight has also been shed, thanks to the new steel and aluminium platform, leading to weight savings of more than 100kg. These small changes, when combined with a redesigned multi-link suspension, optional adaptive dampers, as well as a nine-speed auto, add up to a much-improved car.


Engine options are relatively unchanged, with a new plug-in hybrid A4 e-tron being the new addition. The A4 e-tron is capable of traveling as far as 48km on battery power alone, before relying on a 187hp 2.0 TDI(turbo diesel) when charge is low. All in all, the 2015 A4 represents a relatively subtle improvement on things, focusing on sharpening the cars looks, as well as driving pleasure.

Source & Image Credits: Auto Express

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