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Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, 24th March, 2015 – Once again, the largest motor show in ASEAN, the Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS 2015) brings us a supremely delectable selection of brand ambassadors.

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Officially starting on Wednesday, the 25th of March, 2015 and ending on Sunday, the 5th of April, 2015, all 3 halls of the venue: Impact Challenger, were taken up by the event.

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The first two days were set for VIPs (23rd) and the media (24th; Us!).

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The theme for this year’s BIMS is [the] “Art of Auto”. While the person who came up with the theme may need some lessons in international appeal, its girls do not.

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Judging from our previous experiences here, this year’s show seems to be… more revealing. Not that we minded at all.

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Now, before we get called out for objectifying these women, we also did have a chat with some of them, to find out what goes on behind those bewitchingly beautiful eyes.

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These girls hail from all across the country, from north to south, from well-off families to middle-incomes ones. Some are local university graduates, while others are dutiful wives, media personalities, and role models.

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What we learned is that these girls aren’t just about the looks, their level of professionalism and commitment is beyond belief, thanks in part to the constant exposure the Bangkok Motor Show presents them.

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While they say taste is personal, we are extremely sure that you find these Thai girls to be undoubtedly beautiful.

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This is precisely why we huffed and puffed our days away to get you these stunning photographs of these brand ambassadors.

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If the photographs here aren’t enough, do head on down to our Flickr gallery for the whole collection.

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