BIMS 2015 – Brand Ambassadors (Outtakes)


BIMS_Girls (61)

For those of you who have seen the initial post on the BIMS15 brand ambassadors, but thought, “that’s not enough”. Fret not.

BIMS_Girls (55)

While dredging through the many, many RAW files that was the source of frequent nosebleeds, I was able to collate some of the shots that did not make the initial cut into the main post.

BIMS_Girls (65)

And since the team has laboured past death for this, there isn’t any use for it to stay hidden.

BIMS_Girls (63)

Thus, I decided to do a quick process and release an outtakes post.

BIMS_Girls (73)

So, enjoy another selection of mouth-watering beauties, presented in the exemplary manner befitting these fine ladies.

BIMS_Girls (70)

As usual, there are more of these on our Flickr page, so do check it out as well.

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