Aston Martin Vulcan: Things You Need To Know


What is it?

It’s Aston Martin’s take on a bonkers hyper car, first previewed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. That’s right, they’ve pulled out all the stops with this one.

So it’s like a One-77?

Not quite, the Vulcan is clinically insane in every department, with the focus being on track performance. Everything has been worked from the ground up. Hardly anything from the One-77 has been carried forward.


How fast is it?

Unfortunately, we have no idea. What Aston Martin has said, is that the Vulcan is certainly quicker than the LeMans-running Vantage GTE. That would mean we’re looking at a sub-three second 0-100km/h sprint, as well as a top speed of well over 320km/h. It’ll be pretty swift around the corners too, thanks to an extreme focus on aero, resulting in up to 1,300kg of downforce at a shade over 300km/h.

What are the power figures like?

The Vulcan will have a gut-wrenching 850hp available to its rear wheels, largely thanks to a mind-boggling 7.0-litre naturally aspirated V12 that was developed by Aston Martin Racing. Power gets channeled through a proper racing 6-speed sequential by Xtrac.


How heavy is it?

1350kg, that’s it. This figure was only achievable through an extensive usage of carbon fibre and magnesium. It’s not quite a Sesto Elemento though, with the Vulcan benefitting from a lovely carbon fibre interior, with all the creature comforts still intact.

Can it be my daily driver?

Not quite. The Vulcan is set to be a track-only model. Think McLaren P1 GTR.


But why isn’t there a road version? Who wants a track-only Aston Martin?!

With the Vulcan, Aston aspire to take on Ferrari’s FXX Program, something McLaren has been up to as well. While it’s a shame that the Vulcan isn’t road-worthy, it’s also Aston’s way of showcasing its engineering prowess. Don’t be surprised to see road-going supercars based on this one.

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What are the Vulcan’s rivals?

The reality is, there are hardly any rivals in this category. Perhaps the Ferrari LaFerrari FXXK and the McLaren P1 GTR. But in all honesty, people who could afford these cars probably own one of each. That only means one thing; another batch of hidden hypercars. Kept away from the public eye until its owners step off their yacht, and into the drivers seat for a go at an international racing circuit of their choosing.


How many will they make?

24. Yup, just a couple dozen.

Can I afford one?

Sure, if you’ve got RM12.6 million lying around. Oh and that’s before tax.


That’s reasonable, how do I get one?

Ooookayyyy. Luckily for you, there are still a few units up for grabs. Get in touch with Aston Martin ASAP.

When will it launch?

We’re looking at a mid-2015 launch. A little suspiciously timed, don’t you think? A certain 24 hour race takes place in mid-June. Coincidence? We think not.



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