Spent Too Much During Chinese New Year?


If you have spent a tad too much in the February month of festivities, fret not. As there are only 28 days this month, the next fuel price revision is here sooner than you think. Therefore, what we have is, top 3 ways to help you save a little, by avoiding driving, which leads to avoiding petrol stations at month end.

1. Be a couch potato


Like a boss.

You have been spending the past 4 days going out visiting relatives and friends. Some are fortunately, at neighbouring states, while some are, unfortunately, across states. It’s a yearly must do thing to catch up with your friends and relatives, spend some quality time together to share laughter and joy. If you’re back to work today, like us, why not spend the rest of the week (coincidentally the final week of the month) by having some quality me-time and be a couch potato at home.

Unless, of course, you’re still single and there are more open houses to attend to and that means, more ang paus (red packets). And that leads us to the following point.


2. If you have to go out, ask your friends to give you a ride


Tell us if you’re uninterested in these. In all honesty.

Generally, the main reason to go to open houses is to collect ang pau, other than er, gambling (TCG do not condone gambling) and of course, the CNY  snacks. Naturally, there’s no better way than to hitch a ride with your friends. Call them up, ask them to pick you up, tell them that going to open houses with company is better than going alone. Reason with them, that finding parking at a housing area would be tough, and they do not have to make small talk with a friend around.

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But what happens when you have an abundance of friends?


3. Self rationing


Time to practice your finger squeezing action…at the nozzle.

Tried your best not to drive but there is no way of avoiding the road? Fill up small amounts of fuel, just enough to get you from point A to B. If you’re one of those who calculates litre / 100 km or km / litre, you would have easily worked out how much fuel is required to get to point B. (By the way, here is an awesome free app to track your car’s fuel consumption and also other people around the world who drives the same make as yours.)

A word of caution here, please do not miscalculate and leave your car stranded on a busy motorway, making you the subject of ridicule amongst motorists.



About Jack Lee

Jack Lee is an unqualified petrol head (some say, to be one, you have to own an Alfa Romeo) who is disappointed with cars which are getting more and more electronics and the lack of interest in cars shown by today's youths in general. He owns an almost 20 year car from Germany, which has almost 50:50 weight distribution, 3 pedals (manual, FTW!) and believes that everyone should spin at the last corner of Sepang circuit at least once in their life. He also holds the distinction in TCG as the person with the lightest right foot, of course, when compared with his colleagues' mutated cast iron right foot.