Driving In Malaysia: Top 10 Pet Peeves



Festival jam in Malaysia


Malaysians are generally known to be one of the friendliest people in the world. Our colourful history makes us distinctly aware of racism and the many forms of discriminatory practices in and around the country.

We love our food, relish at the opportunity to visit our friends during festive periods, and are some of the techiest bunch in the region. Yet, behind our smiles lurk a highly-developed paradox; we have the uncanny ability to turn into complete assholes when placed behind the wheel.

Why this happens is a story for another column, but the crux of the matter is, we all, at one time or another, pay the price for a lack of on-road civility. As such, it has come to our attention to create a semi-PSA of sorts, written as a response to the worrying levels of assholeness plaguing Malaysian motorists today.

Below are 10 of our most prominent peeves when on the road, in no particular order of irritation.

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About Andrew Lee

Andrew is a commercial photographer by day and speed demon by night. Don't let his pleasant, approachable demeanour fool you, as he's an incredible fast driver on the circuit! Andrew is a man of many talents (some hidden). He often baffles many with his uncanny ability to stay awake for an inhuman number of days, then disappears. For hours. TCG labels him “Comatose Man” for his nocturnal endeavours and sleep super powers.

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