Attention All Toyota Prius 1.8 Owners


2013 toyota prius

The recall affects all Toyota Prius 1.8 worldwide.

UMW Toyota Motor is doing a service campaign for 6,160 units of Prius 1.8 sold between the year 2009 and 2013 in Malaysia.

The service campaign is to reprogram the software for both the Motor Generator Control ECU and Power Management ECU, which controls the boost converter in the inverter assembly. Although there are no cases reported in Malaysia, failure to reprogram the software will result in various warning lights illuminating, causing the vehicle to enter into safe mode, thus reducing power.

UMW Toyota Motor will contact affected customers to reprogram the software at no cost.

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  • david anderson

    thisi is to .a warning to all prius owners, be careful, seat belts does not work when hit in the rear of the car, I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS HIT AND RECEIVED A BROKEN NECK FROM BEING HIT OCT. 30,2013 SEAT BELT DID NOT HOLD ME DOWN, I STILL SUFFER TODAY FROM THIS “I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW”.