2014 F1 Rules Changes Create Uglier Cars



Proboscis monkeys and anteaters are a few animals that could have been referenced for this design.

Apart from the departure from V8 engines to 1.6 turbocharged V6 in this season’s challenge, the nose area also saw regulations change to promote safety.

In the past, engineers had discovered that if raised high enough, the nose would channel more airflow to the bottom of the car rather than the top of the car, ultimately achieving more downforce. However, this design would also mean that in the event of a crash, the nose cone may collide with the driver. FIA, which regulates F1, changed the ruling of the nose cone for this year;  the centre of the nose of the car can be no higher than 18.5 cm from the reference plane of the car and a single external cross section, in horizontal projection, of more than 900 cm squared at a point 50 mm behind its forward-most point.

As a result, different teams have different interpretation of the ruling, which resulted in several designs, which would be interesting to watch come the season opener at Melbourne, Australia next month.


A more conventional looking nose.



Front wings at either side of the nose cone looks like from Transformers.



Double nose, anyone?



Mild anteater inspired.



Drastic interpretation of the new regulations.

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