What Men Feel When Looking At Beautiful Cars?


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The roller or the girls? Hmm….

We kid you not. A recently-conducted study concluded that 75% of men involved in the experiment showed more emotion when shown a beautiful car than when shown a beautiful woman.

The experiment, conducted by Volvo and EEG specialists Myndplay, was followed up by a survey asking participants their thoughts and feelings in relation to car design. Good car design made them feel positive, and 60% of men also said that driving a car they perceive as beautiful made them feel both confident and empowered.

When asked about the most important aspects of a car, from a design perspective, 43% of men put the car’s overall exterior shape above engine size, interior, specifications or wheel design. Women rated a car’s rear as its most attractive feature while men overwhelmingly said that a car’s front was its most attractive feature.

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