KLIMS13: 3M Showcases Innovative Car Solutions


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The 3M booth is located in Hall 3 at KLIMS13.

Kuala Lumpur, 16th November, 2013 – Global technology conglomerate, 3M intrigued visitors at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013 (KLIMS13) today with an exhibition highlighting innovative solutions for safety, aesthetics, performance and energy in the automotive industry.

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Expert demonstrating the installation process of the 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080.

Highlighted and demonstrated were 3M’s Scothprint Wrap Film, Nano Safety Autofilm, Light String for ambient lighting, High Air Flow (HAF) Cabin Air Filter, Tune-up kit and Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation.

3M Nano Safety AutoFilm

Featuring a proprietary, patented Multilayer Optical Film (MOF) technology that combines more than 200 layers in a film thinner than a Post-it note, the film manages to provide previously unachievable heat rejection by eliminating up to 99,9% of Ultraviolet (UV) light and as much as 97% of Infrared soar radiation. Glare is also reduced by 55%, while managing to improve passenger safety by strengthening and holding glass pieces together, making it more difficult for potential attackers to get in.

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One of 3M’s lovely ladies.

3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080

Showcased on a Range Rover Evoque, the 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080 features a variety of finishes, textures and colours to offer uniquely styled vehicles. The wrap film utilizes a pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding, tracking, snap-up and repositioning while offering a bubble-free installation process. The wrap film comes in various forms, with a carbon fibre look available for ones who prefer the look.

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Here’s the other. Now why wouldn’t you want to attend KLIMS13?

3M Light String

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For ambient lighting, the light string is a round, flexible, cut-to-length light guide that produces a balanced, well defused string of light to stylize a vehicle’s interior. Utilizing a single LED bulb, the light string proves to be extremely efficient and reliable.

3M HAF Cabin Air Filters

Constructed from an array of frameless, self-supporting open flow channels, these filters are electronically charged for optimum particle capture and retention, providing better air quality in result.

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Jack and I getting schooled on how various 3M products are designed.

3M Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation

Providing highly efficient acoustic absorption, the acoustic insulation allows for quieter cars, making the driving experience more pleasurable.

Purchasers of selected 3M Autofilm products during KLIMS13 will stand a chance to win an all-expense paid weekend road trip worth up to RM2,500 via a slogan contest.

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3M are world leaders in various industry solutions.

Head on down to KLIMS13 now before it reaches its close on November 24th, 2013.

Source: 3M Malaysia

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