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Petaling Jaya, 28th May, 2013 – Boon Siew Honda launched their newest addition to the kapchai market today at the Royale Bintang in Mutiara Damansara; the all-new Wave 110. The Wave 110 is an advancement of the popular Wave 100 introduced in 2006.

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Mr. Satoshi Okada (MD & CEO, Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd.) giving the opening speech.

Boon Siew Honda continues its tried and tested approach of providing fuel efficiency, practical day-to-day usage and quality parts in the new Wave 110. Compared to its previous iteration, the Wave 110 has a larger engine displacement at 109.1cc, putting in a lighter (and hence, more efficient) piston (10% mass reduction), EURO 2 emission standards, and a new overall bike design. The Wave 110 also gets a more neutral weight distribution tweak (43.2% front vs 41.8% front in Wave 100) and larger wheel sizes for the front (70/90 vs 60/100 in Wave 100) and rear (80/90 vs 70/90 in Wave 100).

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The bewilderingly young and hip Mr. Tatsuya Minagawa (Large Project Leader, Honda R&D SEA Co. Ltd.) giving us the technical lowdown on the new Wave 110.

The larger capacity engine has increased horsepower (11% increase) and torque, giving better a mileage of 52.5km/l (a 6.28% increase over the Wave 100’s 49.4km/l) in the ECE-R40 test cycle. Also new is the halogen headlight, larger underseat space, rear lights, body panels, front disc brake (only in the DX110), chrome-plated exhaust shield, and cast rims (also, only in the DX110). The main lower parts of the motorcycle is now black in colour for practical and aesthetic reasons.

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The VIPs launching the Wave 110 with the symbolic turnkey ignition. The bubbly personality on the far right is Dato’ Sri Tan Hui Jing (Deputy Chairman & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd.).

The new Wave also has a 4-speed gearbox with a wet-plate auto-clutch, with gearing ratios changed to optimise power output. Compression is identical to the previous iteration of 9.0:1, as is the 3.7-litre fuel tank.

Honda Wave 110 2013 (10)

The Wave 110 being ridden in.

Two variants are offered for the Wave 110; the DX110 and the S110. The DX110 adds an electric starter and a front disc brake. Both variants will share two colour schemes; Pearl Magellanic Black, and Euphoria Red Metallic, while the DX110 will have the Coral Orange Metallic, and the S110, the Vital Blue Metallic.

Honda Wave 110 2013 (13)

S110 variant on left, and the DX110 on right. The S110, despite its lack of disc brakes, is aimed at agrarian and rural usage, where the no-nonsense rough-and-tough need to get the job done.

On-the-road prices start at RM4,498 for the DX, and RM3,898 for the S (both with comprehensive single rider insurance and 2 years/20,000km warranty).

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VIPs being mobbed by photo-hungry journalists. This photograph possible using the put-your-hands-up technique.

For your viewing pleasure, the TVC of the new Honda Wave 110 (in English, subsequent one in BM).

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Boon Siew Honda Unveils “One For All”

All-New Wave 110

  • The All-New Wave 110 provides added value with higher standards, more power and better fuel efficiency
  • New and improved, Euro-2 emission standard engine gives cleaner emissions and better performance
  • Modern body stripes and sleek colour variants highlight the stylish, new body design

Petaling Jaya, 28 May 2013 – Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd today unveiled the All-New Wave 110 that offers higher standards, more power and better efficiency, providing enhanced riding experience to bikers.

Built on Honda values and the success of its Honda Wave 100 which was introduced in 2006 and sold an impressive 274,000 units, the All-New Wave 110 is set to delight discerning bike lovers who prioritise value added performance, fuel efficiency and stylish (sic).

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The All-New Wave 110 is packed with high value features that makes it a “One for All” bike brings more joy of riding to more customers.

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Boon Siew Honda, Satoshi Okada said, “With the tagline, ‘Satu Untuk Semua’ or ‘One for All’, the All-New Wave 110 is living up to the demands of today’s riders who want more value. We are confident that the All-New Honda Wave 110 will captivate with its superb riding and new value added features.”

“Since its first introduction, the Wave has remained popular among Malaysians for its practicality, efficient fuel consumption and dynamic performance. The key to our success is our level of customer satisfaction. At Boon Siew Honda, we always provide customers with the joy and satisfaction of global quality. The launch of the All-New Wave 110 attests to our continuous efforts to enhance our products. With the All-New Wave 110, we have raised the bar in innovation and advanced technology in a bike. The All-New Wave 110 is an ideal fit for everyone who expects more from a bike. It comes with improved engine, advanced safety features, and a more rugged and modern look.”

The All-New Wave 110 is powered by a 4-stroke engine that gives maximum horsepower of 5.64kW (7.67PS) at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.32N.m (0.85kgf.m) at 3500 rpm. Meeting Euro-2 emission standards, the engine of the All-New Wave 110 gives cleaner emission and better performance. This improved engine gives higher fuel efficiency at 52.5km/l, traveling an impressive 3.1km further to a litre as compared to its previous generation of Wave 100 that give a fuel efficiency of 49.4km/l. The result was tested in ECE 40 mode.

Safety features of the All-New Wave 110 have been further emphasised for riders. To improve visibility for the rider and of the rider to other motorists especially at night and in low light conditions, the tail light and headlight have been redesigned. The new tail light gives bright, sharp luminescence with clear rear signaling. The headlight features multi-reflector halogen lamp that gives an intense, crisp and bright beam to provide better lighting especially in low light conditions. All lighting are tested and comply with UN R53 Lamp installation, R3 Reflector, R50 Lamp performance and R112/R113 Headlamp requirement.

Safety when braking is also enhanced; the All-New Wave 110 calls on its Front Disc Brake (applies only for DX variant) to modulate the braking power for a safe ride at all times. Giving a quieter and more comfortable ride where noise emitted is reduced and heat is diminished is the new Exhaust Pipe with thermal protector. This new exhaust also provides added safety from heat. Comfort is extended to the handlebar where the switches are ergonomically placed for natural hand movements and more user-friendly.

Riders will find the U-Box of the All-New Wave 110 spacious enough to store their personal items, providing the added convenience of storing belongings securely.

The rugged looking Cast Wheel does not just look robust; it is durable against most city terrains. And complementing the new look of this much-favoured bike is modern body stripes and sleek colour options that make it more stylish.

The All-New Wave 110 comes in two variants. The Wave DX110 comes in Pearl Magellanic Black, Euphoria Red Metallic and Coral Orange Metallic with on the road price of RM4,498.00. The Wave S110 comes in Pearl Magellanic Black, Euphoria Red Metallic and Vital Blue Metallic with on the road price of RM3,898.00. Both variants come with 1 year comprehensive single rider insurance and a warranty period of 2 years or 20,000km. The model is available at all authorized dealerships now.

Boon Siew Honda believes that the All-New Wave 110 is a refreshing bike and will be welcomed by Malaysians for its quality. The company has set a target to sell 30,000 units of All-New Wave 110 by the end of this year. Boon Siew Honda has a set a total sales target of 260,000 units in year 2013, which comprises cubs and, CKD and CBU models.


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