Super GT 2012 – Round 3 Photographs


SuperGT Round 3, Day 1

The TCG crew risked skin cancer, caffeine overdose, alcohol dependency and many, many embarrassing moments to get you these goodies.

So you guys know, I have uploaded Round 3 photographs of the Super GT 2012 into our Flickr account. For those of you aversive to Flickr, I thought it’d be nice to have some posted here on TCG as well.

Due to time constraints on my end, it is challenging to process the entire 3 days worth of photographs in one go, so I thought it would be better if I only upload a few when I have time, completing the photographs in time for the 2013 stint (heh!).

What do you think about my photographs? Do share your thoughts, and if you’re kind enough, do help me improve so that you guys get the best from our coverage.

Btw, more to come (after I get down to completing the 2nd and 3rd day posts of the HIN2012 travelogue… zzz…).

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About Andrew Lee

Andrew is a commercial photographer by day and speed demon by night. Don't let his pleasant, approachable demeanour fool you, as he's an incredible fast driver on the circuit! Andrew is a man of many talents (some hidden). He often baffles many with his uncanny ability to stay awake for an inhuman number of days, then disappears. For hours. TCG labels him “Comatose Man” for his nocturnal endeavours and sleep super powers.

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