Launch: Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Malaysia Limited Edition



This new raging bull is proudly Malaysian.

Thursday, 3rd May, 2012 – Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur today launched its first Malaysian limited edition variant of the highly popular Gallardo; the LP550-2 Malaysia Limited Edition (henceforth abbreviated to MLE). Only 20 units of the MLE will be made for the select few.


The covered Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Malaysia Limited Edition.

Since being acquired by Audi AG in 1998 (which, in turn, is owned by Volkswagen AG), Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. has been churning out age-defying masterpieces, possibly due to the successful amalgamation of raw Italian flamboyance with the clinical precision of German engineering.


Brigette Liberty strutting her stuff as MC for the day.

As per tradition, the Gallardo is named after a famous fighting bull breed, and is the second outcome of Audi’s acquisition (the first being Murcielago, now replaced with the Aventador). It is currently Lamborghini’s most popular model, with more than 12,000 units produced since 2003.


Mr. Chut Isham (Chairman, Lamborghini KL) giving his welcome address.

The Gallardo has been produced in 16 variants, some to commemorate significant occasions, and others to cater for a selected market segment. The Gallardo’s strong sales, even during the 2008 economic downturn, contributed to record revenue figures for Lamborghini.


Mr. Andrea Baldi (Sales Manager, Lamborghini Asia Pacific) briefing us about Lamborghini S.p.A.

The MLE is made specially for the Malaysian market, the result of a year-long collaboration between Lamborghini KL and Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Unlike the Singapore Limited Edition launched in 2011, the MLE is the product of feedback from the Malaysian customers and the Lamborghini factory team, finally settling on the current layout and design.


The VIP’s (plus two really tall models) with the newly unveiled Lamborghini Gallardo MLE.

Powered by the same V10 engine and similar layout that is fitted to the Valentino Balboni, the MLE is meant to provide the same thrills of driving an MR supercar with the comforts of a luxury grand tourer, encapsulated in aggressive Superleggera-esque styling.


The heart of the bull… it rages at 543hp.

The LP550-2 in its name is indicative of its performance potential; 543hp (at an insane 8,000 rpm), and 540Nm of torque (at 6,500 rpm) (nota bene: LP stands for Longitudinale Posteriore, loosely translated to longitudinally mounted in the rear portion). The NA monster is capable of completing the century sprint in 3.9 seconds (possibly causing widespread awe in the process).


Interior is plush with leather and alcantara swathed rather generously.

The MLE comes in three colours; Bianco Monocerus (solid white), Verde Ithaca (pearl green) and Arancio Borealis (pearl orange), all three a definite head-turner. Raging bull aficionados can now vie to own the Lamborghini Gallardo LP55-2 MLE for a spanking RM1.68 million (OTR without insurance). Owners will also get a 3-year warranty assurance from Lamborghini KL.


MLE insignia on the front right cooling intake.

With the official announcement of the Cabrera LP600-4, the Gallardo’s much-anticipated successor, the MLE may well be Lamborghini’s last Gallardo offering.


The black titanium exhaust tips lie just above the carbon fibre rear diffuser. Small MLE insignia on number plate holder tells other Lambo owners you are more Malaysian than them.

Do check the fact sheet out for more delicious information on the MLE and the launch+press photographs for even more delicious stuff.

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World renowned supercar manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. produces unique V10 model exclusively for the Malaysian market – the Lamborghini Gallardo MLE (Malaysia Limited Edition)

Kuala Lumpur, May 3, 2012: Eminent Century Sdn. Bhd., the official Malaysian importer for Lamborghini cars, together with its sole dealer, JH Italia Sdn Bhd, today unveiled the Gallardo MLE (Malaysia Limited Edition) to select invited guests and members of the media.

The V10 powered Gallardo MLE is the result of a year long collaboration between Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur and the principal, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. It will have a total production run of only 20 cars and is only available in the Malaysian market. It is anticipated that this particular Gallardo will be highly sought-after amongst sports car enthusiasts and collectors who want a Lamborghini that is distinct from the company’s usual line-up.

Chairman of Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Encik Chut Nyak Isham Bin Nyak Ariff, said at the launch that the limited edition Gallardo model is a testament to Automobili Lamborghini’s commitment to the Malaysian market and its Malaysian importer and dealer.

He adds that after much feedback from customers and numerous discussions with the factory, it was finally decided that the MLE will be “a Gallardo that has the exciting exterior attributes of the Superleggera 570-4 but with the interior comforts of the standard Gallardo”.

The MLE uses the highly regarded Gallardo LP550-2 as its base. This chassis setup provides the driver with a more involved driving experience and added agility due to the 30kg weight savings. The 550hp 5.2 litre V10 engine is mated to the highly responsive E-gear transmission which allows the driver to better savour the pleasures of supercar driving dynamics.

Unique to the Gallardo MLE is the incorporation of the exciting Superleggera body kit – comprising of an aggressive front bumper, carbon side skirts, titanium exhaust tips and a carbon-fibre rear diffuser. The bespoke interior is a luxurious combination of both smooth leather and alcantara.

Available in three colours – Bianco Monocerus (solid white), Verde Ithaca (pearl green) and Arancio Borealis (pearl orange), these marvels of modern technology and aesthetics builds on Lamborghini’s design attributes of purism, athleticism and sharpness.

The Gallardo MLE has a starting price of RM 868,000 before duties, road tax and insurance or an on the road price without insurance of RM 1,680,000. All cars come with 3 years factory warranty.

About Eminent Century Sdn Bhd

Eminent Century Sdn Bhd, is the official Malaysian importer of Lamborghini cars. It has had a presence in Malaysia since 2004.

About JH Italia Sdn Bhd

JH Italia Sdn Bhd is the sole official dealer of Lamborghini cars. It manages the Lamborghini KL brand and operates sales and after sales services at its 3S (Sales, Service & Spares) centre at the Temasya Industrial Park Glenmarie in Shah Alam. JH Italia Sdn Bhd is also involved in Lamborghini’s one-make-series, the Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia.

About Automobili Lamborghini

Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini is headquartered in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in Northeastern Italy. There, it manufactures some of the world’s most sought-after super sports cars. With more than 120 dealerships worldwide, Automobili Lamborghini is building on a succession of dynamic and elegant super sports cars including the 350GT, Miura, Espada, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, Reventón Coupe, Reventón Roadster, Gallardo LP 560-4 Coupé and Spyder, Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera and the last open version LP 570-4 Spyder Performante.

About the Gallardo Malaysia Limited Edition

The Lamborghini Gallardo (/ɡˈjɑrd/; Italian: [ɡaʎˈʎardo]) is Lamborghini’s most popular model. Like most Lamborghini models, the car is named after a famous breed of fighting bull.

The Gallardo MLE uniquely features the Superleggera’s external body-kit. The interior is a bespoked comfort interior of half leather and half alcantara.

The Gallardo MLE utilizes a Lamborghini 5.2 litre V10 engine which boasts a maximum 550 Hp and a maximum torque of 510 Nm. The rear-wheel drive layout enhances the cars driving dynamics while a 30kg weight savings further heightens the overall agility of the car.

For full information and specifications of the Gallardo MLE, please refer to the attached fact sheet.



19-inch front and rear aluminium alloys are covered in Pirelli P-Zero’s.

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FACTSHEET – Gallardo LP550-2 MLE


Designed to redefine its segment as the best high performance sports car and driving behaviour that fits its driver in every situation. The Gallardo is the synthesis of a true sports car that can be used on an everyday basis.

While matching these two apparently conflicting objectives, the guideline for Lamborghini engineers has been to fulfil the necessary comfort requirements without any compromise in the performance expected of a true Lamborghini car.

The choices for engine, transmission, space frame and body, suspensions, brakes and electronics are all in line with such an objective. The result is a compact (length 4.3 m) 2-seater high performance car (maximum speed well over 300 km/h), that can be driven with pleasure both on race tracks and on long distance journeys on country and city roads.

The layout has been conceived to reach high performance targets, on the basis of a sports-oriented concept for which Lamborghini is well known.

The basic characteristics of such a layout are:

  • Mid-rear mounted engine, with the gearbox behind the engine
  • Permanent two-wheel drive system
  • Independent double wishbone suspension system
  • Aluminium space frame
  • Low centre gravity
  • Weight distribution 43% front, 57% rear
  • Two front mounted water radiators and one side mounted oil-to-water cooler
  • Wheelbase 2.560mm, front track 1.622mm, rear track 1.592mm
  • Total length 4.335mm, width (excluding mirrors) 1.900mm, overall height 1.165mm

True to Lamborghini’s engineering traditions, particular attention was paid to achieve the correct weight distribution. In fact, the chosen weight distribution is the optimal for a sports car, with advantages for traction, braking and handling.

The lowering of the centre of gravity has also been a fundamental guideline, which led to the engineering decisions for engine and transmission layout.

The design

The challenging and simultaneously fascinating task of our designers was to cultivate the attributes from Lamborghini and combine them in an extremely individual packaging.

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Its design, based on an Italdesign-Giugiaro style proposal was developed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile to incorporate the parameters of our extreme design philosophy.

The Gallardo dimensions combined with the competitive performance targets ensures the car an athletic compactness. The 2.560mm wheelbase complemented by short overhangs dynamises its appearance.

Clad in the typical and unique mono volume proportioning, a heritage initiated by the Countach, integrates the Lamborghini design attributes of purism, athleticism and sharpness.

The cab-forward cockpit integrated in the body by a strongly slanted front screen and tensed pillars, the complex surfacing intersected by crisp graphics and its cooling flow oriented detailing evokes a strong aeronautical influence.

Starring blade-like front light graphics, the front face is orchestrated around the dominant cooling inlets.

The foldable side mirrors slanted forward, dynamising the side view, are mounted on an evolutive shoulder incorporating air inlets. The flush integration of the door handles emphasizes the lateral air intakes and improves aerodynamic efficiency.

The rear lights prolonging the lines of the upper air intakes develop an aerodynamic lip, present on the rotating spoiler as well, combining once again function and emotion.

The wheels, a strong differencing factor in the Lamborghini history marries the traditional round holes design theme interacting them with spokes.

From the very beginning and in coherence with the defined layout, the design phase was completely integrated in the project development. Thus, a complete matching between style requirements and functional requirements was reached, avoiding style elements without functional basis or functional parts with poor visual appearance.

To conclude, the Gallardo design in details and proportions highlights an unmistakable and uncompromising presence.

The engine

The Lamborghini 10 cylinder DOHC four valve V90 degrees 5 liter, 550 Hp, 540 Nm, is the concept solution for the high performance Gallardo.

An angle of 90 degrees was preferred in order to limit the height of the engine with advantages in the car layout (e.g. lower engine bonnet and better rear view) and in the lowering of the centre of gravity (i.e. better car dynamic characteristics).

Even firing intervals (that ensure the smoothness of the engine) are guaranteed by the adoption of crankpins incorporating an 18-degree offset.

A dry sump lubrication system not only achieves the correct lubrication even in extreme dynamic conditions, but also permits the centre of gravity to be lowered further.

The torque output is optimised in the full rpm range. In order to achieve such an objective, the charge efficiency was increased at various speeds by a precise utilization of gas dynamic effects that take place in the intake and exhaust system. These effects are managed by the adoption of a variable geometry intake manifold and of a continuously variable valve timing system, both for intake and exhaust.

While the variable geometry (which can be defined as ‘variable length’) guarantees the correct base gas dynamic characteristics both at low rpm (long runners) and high rpm (short runners), the variable valve timing system guarantees the most suitable valve opening and closing moments for each rpm. For instance, the intake valve closing moment is anticipated at low rpm and retarded at high rpm in order to coincide with the positive peaks of the pressure pulsations at the intake valves.

Thus, the maximum torque of 540 Nm (397 lbft) is reached at 6,500 rpm, with 80% of this maximum already achieved at only 1500 rpm; conversely, the maximum power is obtained at a much higher speed, i.e. 7800 rpm.

The construction technology is all aluminium.

The electronics

The core of the Gallardo’s electronic system is the Bosch MED 9 engine management system. This system is connected to the Lamborghini vehicle computer GFA and to the e-Gear, ESP/ABS, Dashboard ECUs and the other satellite ECUs (doors modules, climate system, rear spoiler, comfort/infotainment). In order to improve the direct control of the main functions and the driving safety, all main information and warnings are centralized on the instrument panel.

A dedicated ECU controls the air bags operation.

The transmission

The main feature is the permanent two-wheel drive transmission.

The gearbox is 6 speeds, using of the latest generation double and triplecone synchronizers and optimised actuation linkage in order to achieve precision and velocity in shifting guaranteeing ease of operation.

A robotized sequential gear shifting system, the Lamborghini e-Gear, has also been developed, leaving the basic mechanical gearbox unchanged. The main features of this system, available as an option, are:

  • Electronic control, interfaced via CAN bus to the engine control system and the ESP system actuation by paddles directly mounted on the steering column
  • Possibility to select different operating modes: normal, sport, automatic, low adherence
  • Very fast but smooth shifting, equal to or better than that which is achievable by a very good driver with a standard gearbox

The clutch is a reduced diameter double plate clutch. This is logical consequence of the Gallardo’s engineering car concept definition, in order to keep the engine (and consequently the centre of gravity) as low as possible.

Space frame and body

Together with the perfect definition of suspension, weight distribution, centre of gravity and aerodynamic characteristics, the achievement of high body stiffness is fundamental to obtain optimal car dynamics and driving enjoyment even on long trips.

The final solution results in a structural aluminium space frame, based on aluminium-extruded parts welded to aluminium cast joint elements. On this structural frame, the exterior aluminium body parts are mounted by differentiated systems (rivets or screws or welding) depending on the function of the part. Other external ‘hang-on’ parts (such as the bumpers) are made of thermoplastic material and connected by bolts.

Such a solution has achieved a very good torsion stiffness (over 23000Nm/°), with an optimal stiffness/weight ratio and excellent energy-absorption capabilities during the crash tests.

Suspensions and brakes

The choice of double wishbones front and rear suspension system, true to Lamborghini engineering tradition and a must for high performance sports cars, is also installed in the Gallardo.

The accurate definition of the geometry, of the characteristics of springs and stabilizing bars and the adoption of Koni ‘self-adjusting’ FSD dampers have been fundamental in achieving the desired handling, high speed stability and comfort performances.

The introduction of ‘antidive’ and ‘antisquat’ characteristics guarantees optimal car behaviour during acceleration and braking.

The Pirelli PZERO tires (front 235/35 ZR19, rear 295/30 ZR19) guarantee optimal adherence characteristics in various driving conditions.

The choice of 19-inch wheels has permitted the installation of large diameter brake disks together with 8-piston callipers in the front and 4-piston callipers in the rear. Such a braking system, which also features a state of the art ABS/ESP system, guarantees excellent brake efficiency and the absence of fading phenomenon also after extreme use.

The full stability control system (ESP) has been conceived and calibrated in order to assist the driver in demanding conditions, while still allowing a true sports driving experience.

Passive safety

The Gallardo well exceeds all the European and North American safety standards. Just for example, driver’s and passenger’s ‘dual stage’ front airbags (complying also with future ‘out of position requirements’), side ‘head-thorax’ airbags and doors anti-intrusion bars are standard in all versions.

The performance

The high engine power and torque output permit a top speed of 320 km/h and high acceleration capabilities. When this top speed is reached, you are guaranteed excellent car stability and control.

Indeed, in addition to the optimisation of the suspension characteristics, a must was the definition of the correct aerodynamic features, by concentrating not only on the reduction of the drag coefficient, but, even more important, on the control of the front and rear lift coefficients. Such a study led to important aerodynamic body refinements (e.g. front flap, flat bottom) and to the implementation of a rear spoiler, electronically controlled as a function of the vehicle speed.

Technical Specifications

Chassis and body

Frame:                                                  Structural aluminium space frame, based on aluminium extruded parts welded to cast aluminium joint elements

Body:                                                    Aluminium with thermoplastic “hang-on” parts

Mirrors:                                                External mirror with electrical folding system

Rear spoiler:                                       Electronically controlled


Suspension:                                       Double-wishbone front and rear suspension system, anti-roll bar, anti-dive and anti-squat

Tyres and wheels

ESP:                                                       Full ESP system with ABS, ASR and ABD

Steering:                                              Power-assisted rack and pinion

Front tyres:                                        Pirelli P ZERO 235/35 ZR 19

Rear tyres:                                          Pirelli P ZERO 295/30 ZR 19

Front wheels:                                    Aluminium alloy 8,5″ x Ø 19″

Rear wheels:                                      Aluminium alloy 11″ x Ø 19″


turning circle:                                     11.5 m (37.7 ft)


Airbags:                                                Front “dual-stage” driver and passenger airbags, side “head-thorax” airbags


Brakes:                                                 Power vacuum, aluminium alloy callipers 8-cylinder front callipers and 4-cylinder rear callipers; Ventilated discs (front – rear): Ø 365 x 34 mm – Ø 356 x 32 mm (Ø 14.37 x 1.34″ – Ø 14.02 x 1.26″)


Type:                                                     10 cylinders V 90°, DOHC 4 valves, common-pin crankshaft

Displacement:                                   5.204 cm³ (317.6 cu. in.)

Bore and stroke:                              Ø 84.5 mm x 92.8 mm

Valve gear:                                         Chain-driven, intake and exhaust continuously variable valve timing, electronically controlled

Compression ratio:                          12.5 : 1

Maximum power:                            550 HP (405 kW) @ 8,000 RPM

Maximum torque:                           540 Nm (397 lbft) @ 6,500 RPM

Emission control system:              Catalytic converters with lambda sensors

Cooling system:                                Two water radiators and oil-to-water cooler, engine and gearbox radiator

Engine management

system:                                                                Bosch MED 9

Lubrification system:                      Dry sump


Type of transmission:                     Rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential

Gearbox:                                             6-speed and reverse

Clutch:                                                  Double plate, Ø 215 mm (8.46″)

Optional:                                             Robotized sequential e-Gear system with actuation by paddles on the steering column


Top speed:                                         320 km/h (199 mph)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

(0-62 mph):                                        3.9 s


Wheelbase:                                        2.560 mm (100.79 in)

Overall length:                                  4.345 mm (171.06 in)

Overall width

(excluding mirrors):                        1.900 mm (74.80 in)

Overall height:                                  1.165 mm (45.87 in)

Front track:                                         1.632 mm (64.25 in)

Rear track:                                          1.597 mm (62.87 in)

Dry weight:                                         1.380 kg (3.042 lb)

Weight/Power:                                 2.51 kg/HP (5.53 lb/HP)

Weight distribution

(front – rear):                                     43 % – 57 %


Fuel tank capacity:                           90 l (23.8 gal.)

Engine oil capacity:                          10 l (2.6 gal.)

Engine coolant capacity:                20 l (5.3 gal.)

Fuel consumption * (In accordance with Dir. EC/1999/100 and Dir. EC/1999/100)

e-Gear transmission

Urban consumption:                      20.1 l/100 km

Extra urban consumption:            9.2 l/100 km

Combined consumption:              13.3 l/100 km

CO2 emission:                                    315 g/km

Manual transmission

Urban cycle consumption:           22.0 l/100 km

Extra urban consumption:            9.9 l/100 km

Combined consumption:              14.4 l/100 km

CO2 emission:                                    341 g/km

Fuel consumption **(In accordance with US EPA guidelines)

e-Gear transmission

Urban consumption:                      13 mpg

Extra urban consumption:            20 mpg

Combined consumption:              16 mpg

Manual transmission

Urban cycle consumption:           12 mpg

Extra urban consumption:            20 mpg

Combined consumption:              15 mpg



This may be the last Gallardo Lamborghini makes.

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