Proton Prevé vs Competitors


Well, the new Proton Prevé (means, to prove) was launched recently and it is only natural that one tries to compare it with other makes and models. So, here it is. We have taken the Premium variant of the Prevé and put it into a busy fight with the Toyota Vios G, Honda City E, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Ford Fiesta 1.6L Sedan LX, Mazda 2 Sedan, Kia Forte 1.6L EX and Hyundai Elantra 1.6 AT Standard. The basis for choosing these are because they have a 1.5 / 1.6-litre engine, which are below RM 100k. There are also 2 segment of cars in it as well. Proton Prevé is in the C-segment. Check out the jump for the spec comparison and comments!


Let’s be honest. The Prevé offers a value for money package for a C segment car (you could also argue that, without the National Automotive Policy and punitive taxes on certain makes as a result, cars would have been cheaper, but that is another story for another day). I particularly like the turbocharged engine, which means that maximum torque is available from slightly above idling. This helps in overtaking and pick up maneuvers greatly. You may have also noticed that the Prevé is the heaviest of the lot.

Personally, I am not a fan of CVT as I think it saps the fun out of driving. On my scale of personal preference for transmission, manual is on top while CVT is at the bottom. It is also interesting to note that, in terms of passive safety (devices), Prevé again has the most of the lot. Proton also gives 5 years warranty to the Prevé, to prove (no pun intended) that it has changed. Only time will tell.

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Editor’s note: The lineup of cars have been segregated according to segments and addition of Ford, Mazda and VW are thrown into the picture as well. As mentioned, we know for a fact that if not because of biased tax towards non national cars, cars would have been cheaper. There is nothing that we consumers can do about this policy, but do take this up with your elected MPs.



About Jack Lee

Jack Lee is an unqualified petrol head (some say, to be one, you have to own an Alfa Romeo) who is disappointed with cars which are getting more and more electronics and the lack of interest in cars shown by today's youths in general. He owns an almost 20 year car from Germany, which has almost 50:50 weight distribution, 3 pedals (manual, FTW!) and believes that everyone should spin at the last corner of Sepang circuit at least once in their life. He also holds the distinction in TCG as the person with the lightest right foot, of course, when compared with his colleagues' mutated cast iron right foot.

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  • Keyjihyun

    why the vios n city?? both are B-segment, other cars here are C-segment . so wrong

  • Jack

    I am putting in Vios and City to show that for the price you are paying for a B-segment car, you can get other C-segment alternatives which are between 1.6 to 1.8 range.

  • try compare with altis 1.6.. which the actual price is around 60k.. after tax it 100k of course.. but why compare with after tax price? better compare before tax price.. that way could see clear picture.. how expensive/cheap proton are.

  • Rez

    Should add up VW Polo Sedan

  • Habibudin

    Forte don’t have push start button meh? true or not…u need to recheck the spec k..

  • Abdullah004

    How about fuel consumption ? So far campro engine has a bad reputation on this matter. I know cause I’ve driven persona. In many reviews that favour preve, they always left out on fuel consumption. To all proton preve owners, good luck on this one. You’re gonna need it.

  • Jack

    The Forte trim quoted here is 1.6 EX, which does not have push start button. Only the 1.6 SX has push start button. Reference:

  • mat global

    I must let u know the bulk of cars u bundle against preve are no match for preve performance.perhaps the better choice to compare are honda civic toyota altis nissan latio 1.8 vw jetta mazda 3 ford focus kia forte 2.0 elantra 1.8 ….

  • Jack

    @Mat global: I totally agree with you. In these price range, Preve offers best bang for the buck. But to compare with the range of cars you have mentioned, it means prices will be at least RM100k. If you can afford cars in that price range, I don’t think Preve will be part of your consideration.

    @Abdullah004: we have not reviewed the Preve. What we have done here is just a specification comparison. Having said that, I wouldn’t trust so much on the published fuel consumption either as most of the time, they are too good to be true.

  • mat global

    Dear Jack,
    Let us just put it this way:
    Mazda 2,3,6,
    Toyota vios,altis,camry
    Honda city,civic,accord
    Proton saga,persona,Preve/lnspira.

    Which category Preve fall comparing with the other 3 makes? Put the price factor aside and whether one can afford or not,
    don’t you think it makes more sense to compare one terrace against anor in diff location, semiD vs semiD and b’glow vs b’glow.Then we try to value the subject with plus and minus for benefit and features etc.

    It’s rather insulting to solely compare Preve which is a higher medium model in Proton to base or entry model of other makes.Honestly i don’t compare Preve with City or Vios or Mazda 2.They are just in diff category.I do make comparison with 1.8 cc of Altis,Nissan Latio h/b and Civic.

    For your information ‘mat global’ owned a new Bmw 3 series in 1989 with plate no KU9999 and now also have Nissan X-trail
    (adorable CVT) bought in 2004 bearing plate no RB99.I also read motoring news closely local and abroad in ‘What car’, Auto car and etc.In fact, half portion of my life is with motoring matters. Thank you.

  • mat global

    Please note that when i comment on Preve
    i am referring to the premium cfe turbo
    model with CVT.

  • ForD

    what is wrong with prices? Before or after tax does it make any different? U have to pay with tax no matter who u are.. Plus even added highest spec with same cc of all models give u the same engine compare to preve.. Preve is not a top quality car but in term of money it seems resonable.. why do people still vote for vioshhh? Funny..

  • Yusufrb99

    My cfe Preve was registered on 11July and now it has been a month of driving experience with the car.In term of ride, handling and comfort the car is very close to this equation:
    Happy Driving and enjoy long Hari Raya Holidays.

    • How about build quality? Are you satisfied with it? Cabin noise?

    • aish

      enjoy with your bad second value, bad FE, SPARE PART expensive, bad proton vendors, all bad.. only 1.. handling are the best..