Promotional Footage: The BMW 1M


0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds; that is Lotus fast! Will definitely do a feature on this baby.

While scouring the net during the unearthly hours when my brain becomes the most active, I discovered two promotional videos by BMW about the 1M. It was posted last year, and I would assume that many people would have already known about this. For those who don’t (like me), do enjoy the two videos after the jump.

For the interested: The BMW 1M (named as such to avoid confusion with the BMW M1) is one of the few rear-wheel drive cars available for sale on the market with an FR (front-engined, rear-wheel drive) layout (other than the highly anticipated Subaru BR-Z and the Toyota GT-86). It is powered by a N54 series twin-turbocharged engine, delivering about 340hp at 5,900rpm, and 450Nm of torque at 1,500-4,500rpm. Power is transferred to the ground via a 6-speed manual ‘box, shooting the car from standstill to a hundred km/h in just under 4.9 seconds.

BMW claims a 12.5 km/l (i.e. 29.4 mpg or 8 l/100km) combined fuel consumption, which is better than both my Alfa Romeo 156 and M24 Satria R3 (incidentally, the 1M has more horsepower and torque than both my cars combined). This will be the king of the 1 series until the 2012 revision (F20) arrives.



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