Post-event: MotoXpo KL 2012


MotoXpo KL 2012

MotoXpo KL 2012

The inaugural MotoXpo KL concluded last week in pretty reasonable fashion, suggesting that there is an untapped potential for a booming bike market here in Malaysia. As posted here, MotoXpo KL 2012 is an attempt by the Motorcycle & Scooter Assemblers And Distributors Association of Malaysia (MASAAM) to organize an international-level two-wheeler exposition and conference here in Malaysia.

The premise of having an international powered two-wheeler (read: superbikes and the like) show right here in Malaysia is an exciting one, especially if the manufacturers bring their big guns along. The Malaysian public has long shown its affinity towards motorcycles, the success of Boon Siew Honda and other makes clearly cementing that fact. The heavy duty imposed upon larger capacity motorcycles can be alluded as the primary deterrent for owning one in Malaysia, despite the notion that larger bikes are, on average, less dangerous than underbone and smaller capacity motorcycles.

Good news is, the development of MotoXpo KL and/or the proliferation of similar events in Malaysia may be reason enough to prompt the government to reduce (even if partially) import taxes and duties on larger capacity bikes, due no less in increasing public demand for such vehicles. Given a large enough impetus, motorcycle brands would also decide to invest in manufacturing facilities in the ASEAN region, capitalising on the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) agreement.

Regardless, MotoXpo KL is a good avenue for Malaysians to indulge in the world of superbikes, dual-sports, trikes, quads, supermotards, supertourers, cruisers, and other exotics. Complementing this, MotoXpo KL 2012 also hosted a variety of seminars and conferences for the development of the industry, both in Malaysia and internationally.

Brief Event Coverage

The first day was actually a dedicated media/press day, and it happened on the 22nd of February, 2012. The launch and officiation ceremony started at around 1500 with the speech of the President of MASAAM, Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid. In his speech, he expounded on the priceless experiences of being a biker and his love for motorcycles from a young age. He also explained that road safety concerns are paramount when it comes to two-wheelers, in addition to environmental conservation for the sake of the future.


Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid giving the welcoming speech

The governor of Penang, Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas then gave the officiating speech before proceeding to sound the gong on the stage as the symbolic gesture for the launch of the event.

Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas

TYT Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas giving the officiating speech

As reported here, Boon Siew Honda took the opportunity to launch not one, but two models in conjunction with the MotoXpo launch; the 2012 CBR1000RR and the 2012 Gold Wing.


The 2012 Honda Gold Wing on left, and the heavenly 2012 Honda Fireblade on right. Models have uncanny ability to stay still for long periods of time.

KTM also held an unveiling of the KTM Duke 200 (Note: the Duke 200 was launched in Malaysia on the 26th August, 2011), and was so kind to have brought the mighty X-bow (i.e. Crossbow) for us.


The KTM X-Bow: Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

In addition to the obvious players, there were other companies from the industry who turned up for the event, namely Armstrong Auto Parts (an OEM manufacturer), SYM (MNC Automotive & Motorcyle manufacturer), Can-Am Motorcycles, helmet brands X-Dot and Grayfosh (both from a helmet company called Double Site Marketing), Sepang International Circuit (SIC), the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), Continental, Pos Malaysia, and Faito (a motorcycle aftermarket parts manufacturer).


Can-Am was there too, and they sponsored the grand prize for MotoXpo KL 2012; a Spyder.

One of the more exciting highlights of the exposition, other than the arrival of the a-list and local celebrities, is the stunt performance of a certain Rok Bagoroš, a 22 year-old KTM stunt rider.


Rok Bagoroš: suave gentlemen and professional stunt rider.

Despite his age, he is particularly adept at wooing the crowd and also possesses enough talent and practice to control his stunt bike; the KTM Duke 125, with precision.


Precision and skill is needed to light a touch of kerosene/petrol on the floor with the rear end of the bike, which Rok did effortlessly.


The crowd amazed as the fire behind catches on.

I had the pleasure of talking to him, and he was warm, friendly, informative and rather obliging of photo-opportunities. As far as I know, he performed twice during the MotoXpo, first during the press/media day, and again on the last day of the exposition. Both times, I felt, were awesome.


Rok going rather close to the ladies in one of his stunts. They were so happy they didn't stop smiling throughout. Either that, or they were scared senseless. Regardless, we all clapped in the end.

Missing from MotoXpo KL 2012 was the armada of brands from Naza Bikes; Ducati, Aprilia, Piaggio,  Gilera, Vespa, and Harley-Davidson, and also Cagiva and MV Agusta from Mofaz. With the relative success of MotoXpo KL this year, I would expect these marques to make an entry in the near future.


The Fireblade from the Honda camp.


The Ninja from the Kawasaki camp.


The Gixxer from the Suzuki camp.


And of course, the RC8 from the Austrian camp.

[spoiler title=”Show MotoXpo KL 2012 Intro Press Release”]

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KUALA LUMPUR (30th June 2011) – Motorcycle & Scooter Assemblers And Distributors Association of Malaysia (MASAAM) will be hosting the first ever industry-led international show and conference for powered two wheeler vehicles in Malaysia, MotoXpo Show & Conference Kuala Lumpur 2012(MotoXpo KL 2012).

MotoXpo KL 2012 is to be held from 22 to 26 February 2012 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur. This event will be the first of its kind where the major players in the Malaysian motorised 2-wheel industry will be contributing in a concerted effort to bring the latest and the best products and services from the industry to the public in one occasion.

Visitors can look forward to browsing through and learning about the latest products and services via EXHIBITS AND DIPLAYS along with live presentations and product launches. That’s not all. For the first time in an event of this nature, there will be a LIVE ACTION ARENA where visitors can witness live action riding demonstrations and also engage in test rides with a selected line-up of vehicles.

If that’s not enough, the organisers of the event, Motoxpo Sdn Bhd have planned for a complete experience for the entire family with entertainment and motoring lifestyle activities not just for adults but also for the little ones. Finally, there will be lots of prizes to be won with various fun and challenging contests for everyone visiting.

On a more serious note, MotoXpo KL 2012 will also host an international level CONFERENCE for key stakeholders in the industry and the relevant authorities from around the world to get together and share their views on various topics of concern. The conference will be held concurrently on the first two days ofMotoXpo KL 2012.

This conference will be a melting point for participating parties to moot development ideas and to share industry insights. Elements of this conference will also be exhibited in the SHOW for the public visitors to share and even contribute in terms of feedback polls and show of support for the many different topics being presented.

As a measure of the significance of this conference, it is MASAAM’s intent to eventually develop this conference into an event to stand on its own, independently of the SHOW element of MotoXpo KL.

“The objective of this MotoXpo KL 2012 campaign is to expose Malaysian motorists to the joy and wonder of the complete 2-wheeled motoring lifestyle experience. At the same time, concerns such as road safety awareness and environmental conservation is also high on our priority list, ” said Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid Syed Murtaza, the President of MASAAM.

Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid is also the President of Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries (FAMI) as well as International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA).



Yes, you may be able to do this on your bike, but Rok does it again, and again, and again, on demand. He also gets paid by KTM, and travels the world... I'm a tad jealous.

Check the gallery for more photographs of the event.

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