Top 10 Cars For 2011


After rounds of deliberation, we’ve arrived at the Top 10 cars of 2011. The list consists of cars that were launched in Malaysia in 2011 and are what we think of as industry movers and also signals of greater things to come in 2012. Note: none of the TCG members were hurt when compiling this list.

10. Kia Optima - 2.0 DOHC CVVT, from RM 143,888 inc. insurance

The new age Korean cars – regardless of whether it is Kia or Hyundai, the current state of Korean designs are desirable. Gone are the days of cruel butt jokes about the design, quality and also technology used in Korean cars. We’ve seen this progressiveness in the Kia Forte, Sportage and Hyundai Sonata. We can be assured of more good things from the Koreans next year.

9. Ford S-Max

This 7-seater people carrier has got to be the most under-the-radar MPVs available on the market. Priced at RM 185,888 including insurance, it is equipped with a 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine, which would put most 2.4-litre saloon cars to shame. Coupled with clever suspension design, this is also the best handling people carrier.


8. Lexus CT200h

A Prius engine with different skin and underpinnings. That pretty much summarises this RM172k car. It’s the cheapest Lexus one can buy with his/her hard-earned money and it’s also for those the closet greenie. Who doesn’t want to project the loud image of a tree hugger by driving a luxury Prius?


7. Peugeot RCZ, manual cost RM 224k, while auto is cheaper at Rm 219k

Ooohh la la. This French 2+2 coupe has certainly got the looks. Under the hood is the familiar 1.6 turbocharged engine used in the Mini Cooper S, churning out 200bhp and maximum torque of 275Nm. We think that being a coupe it should have higher displacement but we wouldn’t say that it’s a slouch in any sense. Perhaps, this car best fits urban areas as opposed to tearing down twisty roads. Oh… there is another French car maker further up the list.


6. Volkswagen Passat

Some might think that the Passat is sterile in the looks department, but that doesn’t hide the fact that you can now own a German car for RM 185k, which is just RM 10k  more expensive than the Camry 2.4 or RM 17k than the Accord respectively. It gets a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, auto dimming rear view mirror, electronic parking brake, electric adjustable seats, tyre pressure monitoring system, front and rear parking distance control, ISOFIX, 5 star Euro-NCAP and host of other passive safety features. It’s a gem.

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5. BMW F10 5 series, price starts at RM 333k for 520d

Bye bye Bangle era. With the F01 (7 series), you can see that the same design language trickles down to the 5. And also the 3 series F30, which is due to be launched in Malaysia next year. The F10 5 series is one of the best looking luxury saloon cars in 2011. We hope that we will get to drive the F10 M5 soon – to satisfy our curiosity, since we’ve posted a lot of videos of it on TCG.


4. Honda CRZ

The adjective “sporty” normally isn’t associated with a hybrid, but Honda has managed to do just that. Coming only with a 6-speed manual, this RM 115k car can propel itself from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.7s with its 1.5-litre IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) engine and yet returns 4.9l/100 km fuel consumption. For those who are lazy in rowing gears, there is a CVT version of the CRZ but it is unknown if Honda Malaysia is going to bring it in.


3. Range Rover Evoque

You might think that with Mrs Beckham’s input to this car, it’d be a disaster. But heck, no it isn’t. A sleek looking baby Range Rover, good for wandering through concrete jungle through jungle… jungle. Price starts at RM 353,888 for the 5-door, 2.2-litre diesel. We highly recommend you the diesel version, to reduce the guilt associated with driving a petrol Range Rover.


2. Volkswagen Polo GTi

Volkswagen has had a very busy year – with the launch of the Jetta, Cross Touran as well as Passat. What this means to you as a consumer is, you get more choices of cars. How about a pocket rocket for RM 132k? No one else in the market can offer you a similar package for that amount of money. And for this, we think the Volkswagen Polo GTi deserves the number 2 slot in our Top 10 list.


1. Citroen C4

And the number 1 is – Citroen C4. Despite being late to the market (launched in June 2010), the 1.6-litre C4 with a turbocharged lump (used in Mini Cooper and Peugeot as well) is priced only at RM 126k. Goodies you get for that price – 6-speed gearbox, maximum of 5 stars Euro NCAP crash rating, auto headlights, bi-xenon (upgrade package), cruise control, blind spot monitoring system and other safety devices. And it is fully imported (CBU). Oh, Citroen, please consider also bringing in the C4 Aircross and the DS line as well. Particularly the DS3 Racing and DS5.

So, there you go. Our Top 10 cars of the year for 2011. We will also bring you the list of cars, manufacturer by manufacturer, that is expected to be launched in Malaysia in 2012. Stay tuned for that!

What is your Top 10 pick for 2011?

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