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Nissan: solarisation mod.3

The Nissan 370Z coupe is one of the newest sports car to come out of the Nissan stable. As the previous iteration of the Fairlady line passes the torch over to the 370Z, we see some subtle but significant changes over the 350Z.

We were able to procure the 370Z for a week, thanks to TCG winning an internal competition during the launch of Nissan’s Drive Me Cra2y campaign.

For that one week, we were not only able to capture some awesome photographs, but also shot some footage of the sports car. As we await the culmination of the video, please sit back and enjoy some shots of the Nissan 370Z coupe here first.


Interior feels good, with a tinge of luxury. One is met with beige leather generously spread over the main contact areas, and electric seats all round.


The 370Z steering wheel looks, and feels, pretty good. Of course, it is also wrapped in leather. Nice.


Sport rims are 19-inch forged aluminium alloys. Made by one Rays Engineering of Japan.


In full song, this baby outputs 329 horses at 500rpm below the rev limit, but most people won't even hit two-thirds of that rev range on normal roads.


370Z: solarization mod.2

Here are the photographs that Edaran Tan Chong has generously provided to us to spruce things up!


Front 3/4 view of the 370; less feminine, more muscle. Nissan's target market is clear.


Sides still retain characteristic sleek lines, accentuated by larger wheel arches.



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